Medical Wearable Market – Benefits of Real-time Patient Information Boosts Growth

ResearchMoz.us has recently added a new report to its market research database. The report is titled “Global Medical Wearable Market Professional Survey Report 2018.” The report prepared after an extensive research phase including inputs received from industry experts aspires to serve as a valuable business decision making guide. Covered in this report are vital market indicators which include demand drivers, challenges, growth trends, and opportunities for valuable insights into the medical wearable market. North America, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and India are the regions examined in this report to depict the growth trajectory of the global market.

The report composed of 124 pages examines the medical wearable market for a 7-year forecast period extending from 2018 to 2025. It presents market size and revenue projections based on historic growth trends and past market size and revenue values. Furthermore, the report analyzes each and every segment under different category and throws insights on their growth behavior over the forecast period. The demand analysis of key segments thus presented can be leveraged by market stakeholders to make best bet.

The report says, the global wearable medical is likely to display impressive growth in the upcoming years. Factors such as technological advances in medical devices, ceaseless penetration of smartphones, rising number of smartphone-based healthcare apps compatible with smart wearables, rising preference for wirelessly connected devices among healthcare providers, and growing awareness about physical fitness are fuelling the medical wearable market.

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Medical wearables refer to devices that are worn on the human body. They are used to provide real-time access to patient information that serves to provide quicker diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

While the future of the medical wearable market looks prosperous, the growth of this market is hindered due to several factors. High cost of medical wearables that make them affordable by limited individuals, lack of favorable reimbursement scenario, and data security issues are roadblocks to the growth of medical wearable market.

The report studies the medical wearable market in terms of product and application. By product, the key segments of the market include diagnostic & monitoring and therapeutic. Based on application, the medical wearable market is divided into home healthcare, hospital, and others.

The report delves into the market from a competitive standpoint. It identifies and profiles key companies having a significant presence in the medical wearable market. This includes Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic, Gentag, Nemaura Medical, Proteus Digital Health, UPRIGHT GO, Biotricity, Cardiomo, Philips, Omron, Sotera Wireless, Nuubo, Monica Healthcare, Chrono Therapeutics, MC10, Insulet, Kenzen, Flex, Cardiac Insight, Lumo Bodytech, BloomLife Company, ZANSORS LLC, LifeWatch, Intelesens Ltd, VitalConnect, and IRhythm. Each of these companies are profiled for distinguishing competitive attributes which include product portfolio, business outlook, and SWOTs.

The report concludes with a feasibility and profitability analysis of new ventures in the medical wearable market.